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Brand Protection - St Andrews Links 


Our Brand Protection Team is responsible for protecting St Andrews Links’ brands and associated goodwill. Our brands reflect the highest quality services and associated merchandise and are a testament to the time-honored traditions of St Andrews. We owe it to our guests, partners, licensees, and local community to ensure the St Andrews Links brands maintain their value and special place in history. St Andrews Links is an established charitable trust set up to provide public benefits to the local community to use the courses. Thus, the exploitation of St Andrews Links’ intellectual property rights enables us to achieve the charitable objectives on which we were founded and are structured, thereby protecting everyone who wishes to celebrate and support the Home of Golf.

Our branded merchandise allows our guests to take with them a memento that will, for some, mark a lifelong dream of being part of the Home of Golf. As such, it is important to us that all St Andrews Links merchandise is ‘official’ and the cherished investments of those who travel long and far to experience the Home of Golf is not compromised by the dilution of St Andrews Links’ brands through the proliferation of counterfeit products.  

To achieve these objectives, our Brand Protection Team works hard to protect against the unauthorised use and counterfeiting of St Andrews Links’ brands, and takes appropriate legal action as necessary. We rely heavily on the global golfing community to help us identify and bring to an end counterfeiting. If you would like to submit information relating to counterfeit St Andrews Links goods or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. All information provided will be treated in strictest confidence. We appreciate your cooperation.


Mail:  St Andrews Links Trust
           Pilmour House
           St Andrews
           KY16 9SF

St Andrews Links appreciates any help or assistance you may offer.

Registered Trade Marks

St Andrews®, St Andrews Links®, the St Andrews Links logos, the Home of Golf®, Old Course®, Swilcan Bridge®, Jubilee Course®, Castle Course®, Road Hole® and Hell Bunker®, and variations thereof, are registered trademarks owned by St Andrews Links. The reproduction and/or use of these trademarks is prohibited without receiving prior written authorisation from St Andrews Links.

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