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St Andrews Junior Ladies' Open 2022

(established 1989)

Terms of the Tournament

  • The Tournament shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Ltd and in accordance with the Local Rules.
  • Entrants must be amateur as defined by the current Rules of Amateur Status.
  • The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without assigning a reason.
  • The Tournament will be held on a scratch basis with handicap match play and handicap stableford competitions open only to non-qualifiers for the scratch match play competition.
  • The competitor shall start at the time laid down by the Committee, who reserves the right to fix and / or alter starting times and to alter or amend any of the Conditions.
  • The handicap index confirmed at registration, will be the handicap index used for both the Qualifying and Matchplay rounds (the maximum handicap index will be 28.4 regardless of whether your exact handicap index exceeds this). The course and playing handicap, subsequently calculated, should not exceed 35. The handicap Stableford competition will be subject to any change in handicap index, following the results of the Qualifying round (the maximum handicap index will be 28.4 regardless of whether your exact handicap index exceeds this). The course and playing handicap, subsequently calculated, should not exceed 29. (Please note that course handicap calculations may be subject to change). Please notify the Tournament office with any change to your handicap prior to the Stableford competition.
  • One qualifying round will be played on the Strathtyrum Course. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the count-back system described below.
  • The 16 players with the lowest scratch scores will qualify to play for the Golf Monthly Trophy in scratch match play – see Tournament schedule.
  • The 8 players with the lowest net scores failing to qualify for the Golf Monthly Trophy will play for the Girls’ Open Quaich in handicap match play (full course handicap allowance, up to a maximum handicap index of 28.4 - the course and playing handicap, subsequently calculated, should not exceed 35) – see Tournament schedule below.
  • In the event of a tie for the qualifying places above, these will be decided on the scores returned on the last 9 holes (or 6 or 3 or 2 or 1 hole), followed by the front 9 holes (or 6 or 3 or 2 or 1 hole) of the qualifying round. Any ties for the Girls' Open Quaich will be resolved on a net basis. If still tied, the Committee will determine the qualifier(s) by some other means.
  • Each match in the Golf Monthly Trophy and Girls' Open Quaich will consist of one round. In the event of a halved match, competitors will continue to play until one competitor gains a hole, thus winning the match.
  • A handicap stableford competition for the Links Trust Quaich, will be played over the Strathtyrum Course on Tuesday for competitors who did not qualify for the Golf Monthly Trophy or Girls' Open Quaich. In the event of a tie, the Quaich will be awarded on count-back, as explained above.
  • Caddies are NOT permitted during tournament play.
  • Clubs and Balls:  The Model Local Rules in the Rules of Golf are in effect regarding Conforming Driver Heads, Conforming Golf Balls and Groove and Punch Marks.  
  • The Committee’s decision in all disputes is final.


Terms of Entry

  • Entries will only be considered from female competitors whose handicap index, under the current WHS Rules of Handicapping, is 28.4 or under at the time of entry. Should a competitors handicap index exceed this at the start of the Tournament, the maximum handicap index of 28.4 will be used. For non-CDH competitors, please notify the Committee of any change in handicap prior to the closing date.
  • Entrants must be under 23 years of age on 1 January 2022. The Committee may request the production of a birth certificate of any competitor either before or during the Tournament.
  • Entries are limited to 80 competitors.
  • The current holder of the Golf Monthly Trophy will gain automatic entry (within age restriction).
  • All entries will be submitted using the online entry procedures on the St Andrews Links website at  NB: Please note that full payment of the entry fee must be made at the time of entry.
  • Entrants must be an active member of a recognised Golf Club. On the online entry form either: (a) Enter your CDH number (for entrants from Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales), or (b) attach your current handicap certificate at the time of entry (file format: gif / jpg / doc / pdf), or (c) email / post your certificate within 5 days from date of entry. NB: Please note that handicap verification must be received by the closing date at the latest and it is the player's responsibility to ensure that their exact handicap is up-to-date at the closing date (for both UK and overseas entrants).
  • Your up to date handicap index will be confirmed at registration, either via the CDH system or by producing a handicap certificate.
  • The closing date for receipt of entries is Monday 13 June 2022.
  • If the number of entries exceeds the maximum number of 80 places, the entries will be decided firstly, by exact handicap index as at the closing date and, secondly, by date and time of entry received. Any vacancies as a result of competitors withdrawing after the closing date will be filled from a list of reserves. This reserve list will be published on the website and regularly updated.
  • The entry fee is £40 and includes all competitions, subject to eligibility, and a practice round. A player's F&D voucher for Monday 1 August will also be included in the entry fee.
  • Entry fees will not be refunded unless intimation of withdrawal is received before the closing date or in the case of a player's unsuccessful entry.  The Committee will consider a full / partial refund if a supporting medical letter is received.


Tournament Schedule

(Play is from the black tees on the Strathtyrum Course and green tees on both the Eden Course and Old Course)

Sunday 31 July
Official Practice Day - a courtesy practice round is available for competitors only on the Strathtyrum Course. The date for booking a practice round will be confirmed at a later date.

Monday 1 August 
Qualifying Round - all competitors will play one qualifying round on the Strathtyrum Course.

Tuesday 2 August
Golf Monthly Trophy (scratch)
Eden Course - Round 1 - 16 players
Girls’ Open Quaich (handicap)
Strathtyrum Course - Round 1 – quarter finals
Links Trust Quaich
Strathtyrum Course - handicap stableford competition (non-qualifiers only)

Wednesday 3 August
Golf Monthly Trophy (scratch)
Eden Course - Round 2 – quarter finals
Girls’ Open Quaich (handicap)
Strathtyrum Course - Round 2 – semi finals

Thursday 4 August
Golf Monthly Trophy (scratch)
Old Course - Round 3 – semi finals
Old Course - Round 4 – final
Girls’ Open Quaich (handicap)
Old Course - Round 3 – final

Prize-giving - after close of play at the Eden Clubhouse at approx 5.00 pm.


Trophies and Prize money

The trophies are retained by the Links Management Committee

Qualifying round:
Scratch Score Trophy - Prize voucher £100; 2nd place (scratch) - Prize voucher £60; 3rd place (scratch) - Prize voucher £40.

Match play rounds:
Golf Monthly Trophy (scratch) and St Andrews Links Junior Ladies’ Open Champion 2022 - Prize voucher £300
Runner-up, Christo Douglas Trophy - Prize voucher £200
Losing semi-finalists - Prize voucher £100

Girls’ Open Quaich (handicap) - Prize voucher £200
Runner-up - Prize voucher £100
Losing semi-finalists - Prize voucher £ 50

Links Trust Quaich - Prize voucher £ 50
Runner-up - Prize voucher £ 40



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