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Putting Master Class

Improve your technique and lower your score for just £120.

The world's best golfers achieve optimum performance by understanding the various elements of putting and improving consistency on the greens. You can too with the Putting Master Class at the Golf Academy.

Putter fitting

A major barrier to developing an effective putting stroke can be an ill-fitting putter. In the Putting Master Class our PGA-certified instructors use the SAM PuttLab to record up to 28 different parameters of your putting stroke and highlight what needs to be improved. The feedback generated will help transform it into an effective and repeatable technique.

Green reading

The session will then move to the putting green where your green reading skills will be developed. Understanding how the professionals approach and read the greens is a vital piece of the jigsaw in allowing you to maximise your ability on the putting surface.

90 minute session includes:

  • Putting stroke analysis on the SAM PuttLab system (including a data report sent to you)
  • Comprehensive coaching using corrective drills and exercises
  • Loft and lie adjustments on your current putter with our customisation team
  • How to read greens with confidence
  • Setting goals for the future

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