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Adelle Middleton - Golf Instructor

Hometown: Coventry, England

Joined the Academy: 2021

Previous post: Coventry Golf Club

Adelle started playing golf in her hometown of Coventry at the age of 15. She continued playing whilst attending the University of Leeds where she studied Geophysics and graduated with a First-Class BSc and Masters of Geophysics. It was upon completing her degree, and whilst working in Engineering, that she started to realise golf was her passion.
 Alongside her time playing as an amateur, Adelle volunteered in assisting running the Junior Section at Coventry Golf Club. During this time, she realised a desire for helping others develop their game and decided it was the right career path for her, so she enrolled in the PGA’s training programme.  
At the end of her PGA training Adelle achieved a rare and incredible feat of winning all three awards the PGA presents; The Whitcombe Cox Trophy as the Trainee of the Year, the Beverly Lewis Trophy as the top Female trainee and the Golf Pride Equipment Technology and Custom-fitting award.
Throughout her career as a Golf Professional Adelle has nurtured a natural aptitude for coaching, whether that be through traditional or technical methods. Her other area of interest lies in customisation, in which she utilises her scientific background to ensure that the golfer not only has the correct technique, but equipment too.

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