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OLD COURSE - Saturday, 06 June 2020

Please note that play will be at 12 minute intervals with a BUFFER tee time included every hour to accommodate the 5 tee times.
DK=Local Priority Dark Time   LB=Local Ballot   OB=Open Ballot   (2)=2nd 2-Ball Joined
Time Info Player One Player Two Player Three Player Four Club Name
08:00 LB Woods, J Shepherd, J     New GC
08:10 LB Young, B Ellison, P     St Andrews GC
08:20 LB Donaldson-Nixon, C Perry, R     St Andrews GC
08:30 LB Wheeler, S       New GC
08:40 LB Cameron, J Constable, L     St Andrews GC
08:50   Buffer Buffer      
09:00 LB Chisholm, R Stewart, R     St Andrews GC
09:10 LB Ramsden, A Ramsden, J     New GC
09:20 LB Niven, K Ferguson, S     St Andrews GC
09:30 LB O'Loughlin, A Henderson, M     St Andrews GC
09:40 LB Phin, C Phin, L     St Andrews GC
09:50   Buffer Buffer      
10:00 LB Bruce, C Henderson, A     St Andrews GC
10:10 OB Brown, A       New GC
10:20 OB Hedley, J McWilliams, J     Resident
10:30 OB Buntin, I Clark, A     New GC
10:40 OB Rowbotham, R McDonagh, E     St Andrews GC
10:50   Buffer Buffer      
11:00 OB Forbes, D Keane, K     New GC
11:10 OB Dow, D Bachelor, B     St Andrews GC
11:20 OB Muir, D Muir, J     Resident
11:30 OB Singer, S Mackie, J     St Andrews GC
11:40 OB Allen, A Schaub, R     St Andrews GC
11:50   Buffer Buffer      
12:00 LB Anderson, D MacEwan, D     Resident
12:10 OB Swift, M Norrie, H     New GC
12:20 LB Gatherum, S Hogg, G     St Andrews GC
12:30 OB Taylor, B Taylor, D     Resident
12:40 LB McBride, P Campbell, N     St Andrews GC
12:50   Buffer Buffer      
13:00 LB Underwood, I Summers, G     R&A GC
13:10 OB Beattie, J Brown, E     New GC
13:20 LB Wale, G       Resident
13:30 OB Bor, D Bor, S     New GC
13:40 LB Barker, E Adshead, M     New GC
13:50   Buffer Buffer      
14:00 LB McConnell, S Rafferty, J     S Andrews GC
14:10 OB Lawson, I Lawson, C     New GC
14:20 LB Reid, A Williams, D     R&A GC
14:30 OB Braid, S McNicoll, K     St Andrews GC
14:40 LB Price, N Price, J     New GC
14:50   Buffer Buffer      
15:00 LB Lander, M Lewis, R     St Andrews GC
15:10 OB Whiteford, A Torrie, C     St Andrews Uni GC
15:20 LB Burnett, S Douglas, J     St Andrews GC
15:30 OB Connell, J Fraser, E     New GC
15:40 LB McRae, S Jackson, S     St Regulus GC
15:50   Buffer Buffer      
16:00 LB Zaudtke, P Burns, W     St Andrews Uni GC
16:10 OB Wowk, M Booth, M     St Andrews GC
16:20 LB Calder, A Will, K     St Andrews GC
16:30 OB McManus, R Price, A     New GC
16:40 LB Donaldson, A Baltaziuk, C     St Andrews GC
16:50   Buffer Buffer      
17:00 LB Morrison, J Brady, H     St Andrews GC
17:10 LB Straiton, J Soutar, B     St Andrews GC
17:20 LB Kerr, D Hutton, B     Resident
17:30 LB Ahrens, F Schroeder, M     St Andrews Uni GC
17:40 LB Hain, A Tulleth, P     St Andrews GC
17:50   Buffer Buffer      
18:00 DK Muir, G Duncan, D     St Andrews GC
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