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My coaching philosophy is to create a positive coaching environment for the golfer by promoting growth, development and learning. 

Fintan Bonner

Fintan Bonner - Senior Instructor

Hometown: Ashbourne, Co. Meath. Ireland

Joined the Academy: January 2014

Previous post: Black Bush Golf Club, Ireland

Driven by a successful amateur career, supplemented with two exclusive golf scholarships attained during his degrees in Accounting and Human Resource Management, Fintan turned professional in 2007 fuelling a passion for high-performance coaching.

In his role as Senior Instructor, Fintan is also the ‘Director of Golf’ for one of the UK’s leading independent schools, St Leonards, where he has formed a progressive pathway from ‘grass-roots’ to ‘elite-level’ golfers, responsible for facilitating some of the best up and coming golfing talent.

Fintan has also seen success as one of the four Scottish Regional Performance coaches where he has helped a number of students obtain their first Scottish Cap in team events.

As an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and highly sought-after coach, Fintan delivers world-class instruction to a host of talented individuals, successfully combining strategic analysis with cutting-edge technology. He believes that the roots of good coaching are grounded in the instructor’s ability to create a positive environment for the golfer by promoting growth, development and learning.

Fintan has accompanied his players to tournaments all over the world including European Tour events, Challenge Tour events, Jack Bunny Tour Finals in Japan, the Spanish Amateur Championship, US Kids World Championship, US Kids European Championships, Hurricane Tour Events, AJGA events as well as national events in the UK and Ireland. 

Fintan is also a Custom Fit Specialist having trained with some of the top customisation experts in the world. He is also a UKCC Level 3 qualified professional, Class AA PGA Professional, K-Vest 3D and BodiTrak certified.

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