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Need help selecting new equipment or your current clubs tweaked?

Why Custom Fit?

The world’s best golf coaches and top players are agreed on one thing. You will never play to your full potential unless you are using equipment that has been customised to your own particular swing requirements.

Our Custom Fit Centre provides a top class custom fitting and equipment support service to all golfers, irrespective of age or ability. This is where the country’s leading players come to have their clubs fitted and also houses the Callaway Performance Centre for Scotland.

We're open six days a week 9am to 6pm (closed on Sundays). Call or make an appointment.

Driver Optimisation

Maximise distance and accuracy off the tee

In a driver optimisation session our aim is to maximise the player’s distance and accuracy from the tee. A centre strike will achieve maximum ball speed and for every ball speed there is an optimum launch angle and spin rate for maximum distance.

The objective is to utilise the technology we have here at the Academy to find the ideal combination of length, loft and shaft flex which will achieve optimum ball flight.

Using the data gathered, fitting your club to the appropriate specifications will see a return in distance and accuracy gains

We can also retro-fit your current driver to find the best adjustable setting and ensure that the club is the correct length to allow you the best chance of achieving consistent centre strikes.

£65 per hour

Wedge Optimisation

Improve your short game to get those lower scores

One sure way of achieving this is to customise your wedges for optimum performance. Most players nowadays carry 3-4 wedges in their set. These should be carefully selected, depending on the type of shots to be played. They should also be considered as a set within a set. Each should complement the other so that the player has a full repertoire of wedge shots to meet any challenge.

As a starting point each wedge should have the same grip, shaft and flex. They should then be optimised for length, lie and loft. Distances are checked on TrackMan in order to achieve consistent yardage gaps between clubs. Loft and lie adjustments are included in the price. For the most discerning player we also offer shaft alignment, moment of inertia (MOI) matching and specialist sole grinding.

£65 per hour

Putter Optimisation

Success on the putting green

Often the barrier to developing a good putting stroke is an ill-fitting putter. Most of the putters on the market are 35 inches in length and therefore too long for the vast majority of players. Add this to an incorrect lie angle and it is hardly surprising that few golfers are in the proper biomechanical position to putt well.

Using SAM Putt Lab we can either fit you for a new putter or retro-fit your existing putter for improved performance. A putter of the correct length and lie angle guides you into the correct biomechanical posture for effective putting. Putter loft is a key factor in achieving optimum roll, whilst weight balancing the putter achieves stroke stability, better distance control and enhanced feel. This results in more holed putts and improved confidence on the greens.

Retro-fit current Putter & Tour Weighting - up to £55

Full Putter Fitting - £65

It goes without saying that Custom Fitting for all clubs is essential in my eyes but it is so much better when it is carried out in this educated but relaxed manner.
Michael McCallan