Strathtyrum Tournament 2015

Entry Procedures

The 2015 Strathtyrum Tournament entry procedures will remain the same as previous years and are detailed below:
• Entries are limited to 102 competitors with a handicap limit of 28.4.
• The first 40 entries will be automatically accepted (provided they meet the 2015 Tournament Conditions).
• All entries will be submitted using the online entry procedures on our website.
• We will accept entries from 13:00 GMT on Tuesday 3 February 2015.
• On the day entries open, Login to our website prior to 13:00 GMT and refresh the page until the entry form appears at 13:00 hrs. 
• You will be asked to confirm your email address and password. If you entered the Strathtyrum Tournament last year, you will be registered as an existing user and will be asked to enter your password. If a new entrant, you will be asked to create a password. You are advised to Login to our website prior to the date when entries open to ensure that your email address and password are recognised.
• The on-line entry system will accept entries in order of submission. No signature will be required.
• You will be required to complete a ‘captcha’ (a simple mathematical question) at the bottom of the entry form.
• Please complete your exact handicap as at the date of entry. Confirmation of your handicap must be submitted: either enter your CDH no (for entrants from Scotland, England or Wales), attach your current certificate at the time of entry (file format: gif/jpg/doc/pdf) or email / post within 4 days of submitting an online entry.  All handicap confirmation must be received by the closing date at the latest.
• Entrants must be an active member of a recognised Golf Club.
• The list of the initial 40 competitors (subject to compliance with the 2015 Tournament Conditions) will be published on the website on Tuesday 10 February 2015.
• The remaining 62 competitors will be decided firstly, by exact handicap and, secondly, by date and time of entry received. In recent years, the cut has been approx handicap 12.
• The entry fee will be £120 which includes all competitions, subject to eligibility by players, and practice rounds.
• The closing date for entries will be Monday 23 February 2015.
• The list of 102 entries will be published on the website by Friday 27 February 2015.
• A request for full payment of the entry fee will be sent by email to the 102 successful entrants with payment to be made by Friday 20 March 2015. Failure to pay the entry fee by the required date will result in your name being withdrawn from the Tournament.
• If the number of entries exceeds the maximum number of 102 places, a list of reserves will be prepared according to, firstly, exact handicap and, secondly, date and time of entry received. Any vacancies as a result of competitors withdrawing after the closing date will be filled from the list of reserves. This reserve list will be published on the website and regularly updated.

If you have any queries regarding the above information, please contact Janet Finlay on 01334 466618 or e-mail