Eden Centenary 1914-2014

Yearly Ticket Holders Day - Tuesday 1 July 2014

Entry Procedures

  • To submit an entry for the Yearly Ticket Holders competition on Tuesday 1 July, please click on Tee Sheet to select a time.
  • Select a tee time by clicking on ‘Choose time’ which will allow you to book one player.  In addition, you may enter up to two other golfers to play at a later stage in the entry process.
  • Scroll up or down the page to click on ‘Book selected time’.
  • Proceed to enter your details – if you know your 10-digit CDH number, please enter it as requested and it will complete the boxes with your name, home club and handicap.
  • Proceed to enter the remaining details – contact tel no, email address, address, post code and then press ‘Continue’.
  • If you do not know your CDH number, please leave this blank and complete all the details, as requested, and press ‘Continue’.
  • Your tee time is confirmed and you then have the option to ‘Enter another player’.
  • If you wish to enter by email or telephone, please use the contact details below.
  • You may view the start times by clicking on Start Times - either from the Eden Centenary tab at the top of the page (drop down box); or on the Start Times tab on the left hand side of the main Eden Centenary page.
  • If you entered your CDH number on your entry form, your name and club will appear on the list of Start Times.  If you did not enter your CDH number, only your name and handicap will appear - the name of your club will be added later by the Golf Dept.
  • If you subsequently wish to amend or cancel your tee time, please use the contact details below.


Contact details:

Email - edencentenary@standrews.com 
Tel - Janet (01334 466618) or Jan (01334 466713) in the Golf Department