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DayDateTimescaleCourse StatusReason
Tue509:10 - 13:00R&A Foundation Scholars' Tournament
Mon1109:10 - 12:00Duke of Edinburgh Award
Tue1210:00 - 13:30Allianz Golf Day
Thu1409:10 - 12:10Highpoint Media
Fri1509:10 - 12:50NEFATB Golf Week
Sat1613:00 - 17:00St Andrews GC - Lindsay Shield v's Leven Thistle
Tue1910:00 - 12:30St Rule GC - Inglis Cup Qual. Rd.
Sat2313:00 -17:00St Andrews GC - Lindsay Shield v's Carnoustie
Sat3008:0019th Hole GC - Spring Meeting
Sat3012:00 - 12:5019th Hole GC - Spring Meeting



DayDateTimescaleCourse StatusReason
Mon-Thu2-5All DaysNBR&A GC - Spring Meeting
Sat7All DayNBNew GC - Spring Meeting
Tue1010:00 - 12:30St Rule GC - Yearly Medals + 1908 Cup
Wed1113:40 - 15:00R&A GC - Gunners v's Infantry
Sat1410:30 - 12:50St Regulus GC - Stewart Cup 2nd Rd.
Sun15All DayCCR&A GC - Local Clubs Gold Medal
Thu1907:00 - 07:20Thistle GC - Spring Meeting
Thu1913:20 - 17:10Thistle GC - Spring Meeting
Sat2111:00 - 12:40St Regulus GC - Helen Ayton Trophy 3rd Rd.
Fri2710:10 - 10:50St Rule Trophy (Practice)
Fri2712:10 - 12:50St Rule Trophy (Practice)
Fri2715:50 - 16:20St Rule Trophy (Practice)
Sun29All DayCCSt Rule Trophy (Final)



DayDateTimescaleCourse StatusReason
Thu2All DayNBLinks Trophy (Practice)
Sat4All DayNBLinks Trophy
Sun5All DayCCLinks Trophy (Final)
Mon606:30 - 15:50Rotary International
Tue706:30 - 15:50Rotary International
Thu907:00 - 09:50Rotary International
Sat11All DayNBNew GC - Summer Meeting
Sat18All DayNBSt Andrews GC - Spring Meeting



DayDateTimescaleCourse StatusReason
Tue513:30 - 15:20Boyd Quaich
Wed607:00 - 08:50Boyd Quaich
Thu707:00 - 08:30Boyd Quaich
Tue2610:00 - 12:30St Rule GC - SLGA Medal/Mackenzie Scratch
Sat30All DayNBSt Andrews GC - Autumn Meeting



DayDateTimescaleCourse StatusReason
Thu406:30 - 07:20St Andrews Boys & Junior Ladies Open
Thu411:50- 12:40St Andrews Boys & Junior Ladies Open
Sat608:0019th Hole GC - Autumn Prizes
Sat612:20 - 13:1019th Hole GC - Autumn Prizes
Tue906:30 - 07:20Lammas Cup
Thu1106:30 - 06:50Thistle GC - Autumn Prizes
Thu1113:00 - 16:50Thistle GC - Autumn Prizes
Sat1313:00 - 14:40New GC - Monthly Medal Finals
Sat20All DayNBNew GC - Autumn Meeting



DayDateTimescaleCourse StatusReason
Sat311:00 - 12:10St Regulus GC - Medal Finals
Mon-Thu12-15All DayNBR&A GC - Queen Victoria Jubilee Vase
Fri16All DayNBR&A GC - Jubilee Vase Semi-Finals
Fri16All DayNBBing Crosby Tournament (St Andrews GC)
Sat17All DayNBR&A GC - Town Match
Mon-Fri19-23All DaysNBR&A GC - Autumn Meeting Medal



DayDateTimescaleCourse StatusReason
Mon-Mon3-10All DaysNBDunhill Links
Fri14All DayNBR.T. Jones Memorial
Thu2010:10 - 11:40Links Golf - October Golf Week
Thu2012:40 - 13:10St Andrews GC - McGregor Trophy Finals
Fri2109:10 - 11:00Executive Golf & Leisure Pro Am
Sat2211:20 - 13:10St Andrews GC - Saturday Medal Finals
Thu2712:10 - 13:10Thistle GC - Medal Finals
Fri28All DayNBR&A GC - Winter Shotgun



DayDateTimescaleCourse StatusReason
Mon7All DayNB CCCourse Closed - Winter Maintenance
Mon14All DayNBCourse Closed - Winter Maintenance
Mon21All DayNBCourse Closed - Winter Maintenance
Mon28All DayNBCourse Closed - Winter Maintenance



DayDateTimescaleCourse StatusReason
Mon5All DayNBCourse Closed - Winter Maintenance

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