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Adult Golf Schools

Informative and fun, our programmes cater for golfers of all abilities - we teach top players as well as introduce new players just starting out.

Our Golf Academy does not teach an individual style of swing or methodology, we simple work with your ability and help improve on where your weaknesses lie. There are many different types of golf swing on the tour, each work for that specific player – we aim to do the same with you, nothing extreme or radical, just something that works for you, your time and your ability. On top of this you will find your instructor will make the learning process easy and fun.

What's covered?

5 Day - £330

3 Day - £260

1 Day - £165

Adult Golf School Dates 2014

5 Day
3 Day 1 Day
14th April 5th May 21st February
19th May 2nd June 21st March
23rd June 18th August 25th April
4th August - 30th May
8th September - 20th June
- - 22nd August
- - 26th September