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Tour Van Gold

A comprehensive golf service for the more advanced player

To compete at the highest level, the world's top golfers use customised equipment fine-tuned to their own personal requirements. With this in mind, Tour Van Gold was introduced to provide total equipment support to the country's top amatuer players, single figure handicappers and golf professionals.

1 year membership - £130

What is Tour Van Gold?

A Tour Van Gold session allows two hours with our custom-fit professionals here at St Andrews Links. Work with us to find the perfect specification of clubs for you. We don't sell hardware so there is no pressure to buy equipment from us, we simply provide you with all the information.

We can also retro-fit your own irons, adapting your current irons to perform to their full potential. This can include re-shafting, new grips and changing the loft and lie of your irons to your new spec. It feels like a new set of irons for only half the price. (Turnaround approx 5 days).

Initial two hour TVG session includes:

  • Measurement of current club specifications
  • Custom fitting session for irons
  • Adjustment of loft and lies
  • Putter fitting for optimum lie and length
  • Driver optimisation using Trackman
  • Troubleshooting problematic clubs
  • On-going specialist equipment advice
  • Online access to reports, equipment spec. and Trackman data
  • 1 year's TVG membership