The Olympic Torch comes to the Home of Golf

The Olympic Torch comes to the Home of Golf

June 12 2012

The Olympic Torch was held aloft on the Swilcan Bridge this morning in a historic moment at the Home of Golf.

For the first time in the 600 year history of the Old Course at St Andrews Links, the Olympic Torch was brought to one of the world's most renowned sporting venues.

With golf set to return to the Olympics in Brazil in 2016, it was fitting that the torch was brought to the birthplace of the game as part of its 8000 mile relay around Britain ahead of the Olympic Games in July.

The torch was held by Louise Martin, the chairman of Sportscotland, in a brief media opportunity for the assembled film crews, photographers and spectators.

The torch was then taken to a special lighting ceremony in St Salvator's Quadrangle and another media opportunity on the West Sands beach before continuing on the next leg of its journey.

Image: Louise Martin holds the Olympic Torch on the Swilcan Bridge.